All Items get a COA* stamped on the back.


 In this month and until January the 10th no shipping fees will be applied also on smaller orders (restricted to Germany) AND every order get a Centaur art print in size DIN A5 for free!

CovidINK Challenge

This Instagram challenge started from Tayri Rodriguez's idea as tattooers are put on "home office" in many nations because of the actual pandemic events. To keep on working we had to change medium and expand our activities. 

As you can see in the last picture there's a different theme for every day so every illustration is going to be numbered, please refer to these numbering if you're interested in buying an illustration. Thanks for looking!


Price applies for one original illustration in size 15x21cm incl. shipping, no copies are made. Sent with a tracking number, not framed. COA stamped on the back.


100,00 €

  • Available
  • Delivery in 5-8 days1

*COA : certificate of authenticity.

May be a signature or a stamp, in my case it is a self-made rubber stamp representing an origami dinosaur. See below.