About me

Tattooing and I met officially the first time in 2008 by Stigmata Tatuaggi/Milan/Italy where I served my apprenticeship. In the same year  I graduated at this very Italian high school called Liceo Artistico U. Boccioni: it is something like a Gymnasium with a focus on applied and theoretical arts,  specialising in architecture and interior design. This led me to the first two semesters of Scene Set for Theatre at the Art Academy in Brera, also Milan.

At this crucial point I was, exhausted, struggling to make a living on my own and had to set priorities among the (too many) commitments, including my feminist gang activities. So I decided to follow what I felt most passionate for  and left the Academy  to focus on tattooing and develop my own style, which I now call Neurotic Realism.


During my tattooing apprenticeship and later  I collaborated with other studios, namely  Indian Tattoo Family, Officina Tattoo&Body Mod., Atomic Garden, Liber.Arte.

In 2011 I moved to Germany and collaborated shortly with Kaylitos Way/ Duisburg and Seven Eleven/Krefeld and  with  Tattoowahn/Duisburg  for two and a half years before I opened my first tattoo parlour Jurassic Tattoos in Duisburg at the of beginning of 2014. From the end of 2015  to mid-2017 I run a partnership with Karsten Koch as Jurassic Submerge in Bochum.

I´ve been collaborating with Stechwerk/Kempten, Eine Liebe/Bochum, Cross my heart/Bonn, Tigerstyle Tattooing/Hamburg, Anarchist Tattoo Collective/Heidelberg, Mahakala Tattoo/Ravensburg, Korova/Dornbirn, Alpha Syndicate/ Bodnegg, Dark Grey/Essen, Freibeuter Tattoo/Winterthur, Laterna Magica/Augsburg, Inky and Stretchy/Neu-Isenburg and took part in various Tattoo conventions such as Brussels, Dortmund, Hamburg´s Ink and Ride, Mönchengladbach´s Ink Explosion, Cagliari, Krefeld, Friedrichshafen, Frankfurt, Schweinfurt, Kassel and Ravensburg.


Besides tattooing I create imagery and illustrations, under commission or freestyle, prints, screen prints, handmade notebooks,  illustration books, various merchandise and whatsoever you might wanna hang on your walls or gift your mum. For all this just scroll the menu on the left hand side.